Writing can mean very different things to different people, it can be of communicating what you feel, a way of living, and it can be a way to be in school. For me writing means all of these things, I write to explain what I feel, to have memories of what happened to me in the future and I also write for school assignments. During this semester there has been a lot of things that have made me realize that writing is not as “bad” as a lot of people make it look like.

At the beginning of the semester, I thought that writing blog posts was going to be a lot of work and that I was going to not like it very much. As the weeks went on, I started to realize that writing blog posts was kind of fun. I started to write about what I felt every time I read the passages that were assignment, and I really like doing it because it was my personal opinion, I was expressing what I felt. In every blog post I submitted there was always something about liking the passage. None of the passages seemed boring to me in any way. Even though I don’t really like to read that much, most of these passages were interesting and I really enjoyed reading them. Writing about them was never hard because I understood what I read so it was very easy to start writing. 

For me reading and writing is a little bit challenging just because English is not my first writing so it takes me a little bit of time to get used to it and most of the times I have to read things three or even four times before I can actually understand what its saying. This is something that has been happening to me my whole life time, and because I know three languages I really like to write about how I’ve traveled and my experiences when I travel. Whenever I write anything I try to make it connect to my traveling experiences because I think they are really interesting and it is cool. 

On my first blog I had a lot of trouble starting it because I wasn’t really sure what to write about and what to expect. But as we kept writing blog posts it became easier and easier to write. Even though it has become easier, I still have to sit and think about what I am going to write for twenty to thirty minutes before I start writing. I have always had this problem when it comes to writing, I have a lot of ideas as to what to write, but for me it is really hard to actually put it in writing. Now, since we have to write one to two blog posts a week it had helped me write a little faster and get my ideas straight.

As I read all of my blog posts I realized that in most cases I don’t really finish my ideas, I think of something in my head, but then don’t manage to write because I don’t know how. In a lot of cases I know what I am saying, but I feel like if someone else read it they might get a little confused because my ideas aren’t clear. I don’t really know how to make my ideas clear in writing. I think it has gotten better trough out the semester but I still need to practice my writing for it to be perfect and so people can actually understand what I am trying to express. 

During this process I have come to realize that writing doesn’t always have to be “bad”, it can be very useful if you know how to express yourself right. It has made me like writing. Before this semester every time I had to write a paper for school I always tried to avoid it and I always had a lot of problems writing it, but with the blog posts and the papers we have written have made me really like writing actually. With all these weekly blog posts I have come to like to read and write about what I read. I really like these posts, and even though it was hard to write at times I have learned to like it.

During this semester I have learned to like writing and that writing is not always part of an assignment it can also be for fun. I write every day in class and on Facebook, and Twitter I just never noticed that that was a part of expressing myself. Blogs have really made a good impact in my life. 



Writing can be very different things to different people, some people write because it’s their job and they have to do it, or because it’s an assignment in class or just as a hobby. Whatever reason you do it for, you always express yourself in some way. Even if you;re writing about someone or something your opinion will some how be in what you’re writing. So in my opinion writing is a way to express yourself, and you are free to say whatever you want in your writings.

This English class has helped me a lot in writing. Before this class I only wrote because it was for a grade and that’s what my teachers told me to do, but now whenever I write, even though it is an assignment, I like to write. I feel free when I write. This class has helped me understand that, and probably without these blogs I would still not understand it. We have had to write a lot, but this time I actually enjoyed it.

For this paper I had to interview Shaunnah Mahoney, who’s the President Mahoney, and I had to ask her about the sorority, how she has changed with it and how the community has helped her. I have learned a lot through this, like knowing how much responsibility there is when it comes to being a leader of a community, how time consuming, and stressful and how to manage your time. I have learned a lot about Gamma Phi Beta, and I have learned how to appreciate the community I have a lot more. It has been a  really fun paper to write and a really interesting one too. 

“”Matters of Loss, Discovery, and Halftime”” 205

Throughout her story Melissa talks about her “identity” and how when leaving high school she had to leave behind certain identities or roles she held in high school. But in the end she realized there were some identities she left behind that would still be a part of her life. Are there any identities you have carried over into your first semester in college or ones that may not be present anymore but still define a part of who you are?

Everyone has an identity and everyone’s identity is different, that’s what makes us all so unique. As we change environments our identity changes because we meet different that influence our lifes and the way we interact with people. There are some identities that I had in high school that I don’t anymore, now I am a lot more outgoing and a lot more social. When you’re in high school you don’t have to talk to that many people but once you’re in college you need to find your way around and make friends, if not you won’t have friends. Everyones identities changes.

Facebook has changed our lifes completely, including mine. Sometimes I feel that without facebook I would be lost and I wouldn’t know anything about anyone, which is probably normal. I have a lot of “friends” on Facebook, but they’re not all my friends, they’re just people I know or people in one of my classes, like Kevin said that you barely know but you still have them on facebook, and you know what they’re doing, so you feel like you know them. I don’t like having random people on Facebook, but whenever someone adds me that I barely know I feel bad and I end up accepting their friend request, and even saying Happy Birthday to them on their Birthday, just so I “look good”. Writing on peoples walls to look like you know them or just to be nice is what most people do, since everyone can see it, and most people would rather do that than to send a private message. Whenever I need to ask someone something I usually talk to them on Facebook instead of face to face, just because it’s easier and could be embarrassing. I think Facebook and other social websites are making society become more superficial. 


Writing is very important and everyone does it, either for themselves or for work, or for whatever reasons, everyone at some point in their life has to write. For me writing depends on who I’m writing to, whenever I write for myself I’m a lot more honest and I don’t really mind since I know what it means and don’t need to give explanations to anyone. While when I write to someone I don’t know or as an assignment for a class, I feel like I could be wrong and if I have that doubt many times I won’t write it, and instead keep it to myself. For me, there is a big difference.

In “I am Vanessa” she tells the story of her in school and how she was different from everyone else because of her hair. Everyone made fun of her, and she always felt out of place, and never felt good about herself, and how her hair was curly and weird. She kept complaining about it, and thought that because of is she was never going to be a model like she wanted to be because she was so different and no one liked her. After many years she realized that being unique and different wasn’t bad. This moved me because I’ve felt like that before, and after getting over it, I have realized that being unique is a lot better than fitting in. Being unique in writing is good, people will enjoy reading what you write, and although it might seem weird for some people it makes you different, I think being different is a positive thing.